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All-in-One Mahjong

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You can play NEW version here: https://www.pozirk.com/all-in-one-mahjong-game/

All-in-One Mahjong Please be aware, that Adobe will stop distributing and updating Flash Player after December 31, 2020.
More information here: https://www.adobe.com/products/flashplayer/end-of-life.html

This version of All-in-One Mahjong requires Flash Player and it will stop working.
Unfortunately, I can NOT do anything about this!
I recommend you switching to new version that does not require Flash Player, has more solitaire games and more features: https://www.pozirk.com/all-in-one-mahjong-game/

Thank you for understanding!

Mahjong is an addicting solitaire game where player is challenged to eliminate all pieces from the board.
Two game modes:
โ€ข Time mode (with shuffle ability, match all pairs as soon as possible)
โ€ข Score mode (no shuffle, play until you win or lose)
42 different layouts!
Global leaderboard with people playing all over the world.
Big selection of backgrounds.

Available layouts:
Turtle Mahjong, Two Towers Mahjong, Pyramid Mahjong, Great Wall Mahjong, Butterfly Mahjong, Smile Mahjong, Spider Mahjong, Fortress Mahjong, Crab Mahjong, Cat Mahjong, 144 Mahjong, Fish Mahjong, 3 Crowns Mahjong, Scorpion Mahjong ,Anchor Mahjong, Cactuses Mahjong, Duck Mahjong, He & She Mahjong, Trophy Mahjong, Dog Mahjong, Gemini Mahjong, Umbrella Mahjong, TV Mahjong, Clover Mahjong, Space Invader Mahjong, Space Invader 2 Mahjong, Space Invader 3 Mahjong, Rabbit Mahjong, Sea Horse Mahjong, My House Mahjong, E-mail Mahjong, Bird Mahjong, Helicopter Mahjong, Infinity Mahjong, Mug Mahjong, Space Shuttle Mahjong, Zoo Mahjong, Birthday Cake Mahjong, Christmas Tree Mahjong, Clock Mahjong, Chess Pawn Mahjong, Chess Queen Mahjong.

Just use your mouse.
Spacebar – pause.

Tips & Tricks
You can hide/show number of available moves by clicking status bar.
If you get stuck, click Hint button to see matching pair.
You can undo last move with Undo button.
Double click empty space on the screen in order to turn off/on highlight of open tiles.

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76 comments to “All-in-One Mahjong”

  1. Harold says:

    I have mah jong on my Kindle fire and Android tablet and would also like to use it on my Linux laptop, is there a way tp play it there?

    • pozirk says:

      Hello Harold!
      Unfortunately, All-in-One Mahjong is not available for Linux.
      But you can play the game online on any Linux/PC/Mac computer!
      Thank you!

  2. jen says:

    Are more complicated layouts available?

  3. Wilma says:

    How do you get to post your name on the leader board.
    I am getting scores that should be posted and hitting submit, but nothing ever shows up.

    • pozirk says:

      Hello Wilma,
      Only top 50 scores are displayed in the leaderboard.
      Your score/time should be high enough in order to be visible.
      Thank you!

  4. Doug Lowe says:

    What is wrong? It won’t load for me anymore.

  5. pozirk says:

    Fixed FB share button. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. marian dunn says:

    how do you change type of tiles

    • pozirk says:

      Dear Marian,
      In order to change tiles, you should click “Settings” button in the right bottom corner of main menu and choose the style you like.

  7. pozirk says:

    New feature added: you can now share your score on Facebook!
    Make sure to clear your browser cache, in order to load updated version of the game.

  8. pozirk says:

    Less ads, more fun! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. pozirk says:

    Added German and Spanish languages.

  10. Venice says:

    Luv your games Pozirk keep them coming.. You ROCK!!!!!!!!!

  11. lynn tn. usa says:

    still luv this game:)

  12. great game says:

    need it to come back

  13. Lynn USA says:

    Love this game!!! Thanks Pozirk!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. ALL IN ONE says:


  15. budman says:

    Pozirk,y so long to reload new game in Mahjong? after playing one.

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