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All-Peaks Solitaire

All-Peaks Solitaire Are you a fan of Tri-Peaks Solitaire, Pyramid Solitaire or Golf Solitaire games, but looking for something new and exciting?
Then All-Peaks Solitaire is right for you!

All-Peaks Solitaire is an addicting Solitaire game with 4 game modes, lots of layouts and nice relaxing music.

The object of the All-Peaks Solitaire game is to remove all of the cards from the tableau according to the game rules.
You have 4 game modes to choose from: Tri-Peaks Solitaire, Pyramid Solitaire, Strike Solitaire, Lamp Solitaire.

All-Peaks Solitaire game will bring you hours of joy and help your brains stay in shape!
You can play by yourself or try to beat other players from all over the world, the choice is yours!

Tri-Peaks Solitaire Pyramid Solitaire Strike Solitaire Lamp Solitaire
Tri-Peaks Solitaire Pyramid Solitaire Strike Solitaire Lamp Solitaire

63 comments to “All-Peaks Solitaire”

  1. vickilynne says:

    I love your games. Keep the good work up.

  2. TK. says:

    HI I scored 519, This game stop posting scores over 500 for me.Just wanted to let you know.
    Thank you

    • pozirk says:

      Hey TK,
      You are right, I’ve fixed the bug, it should work as expected now.
      Thank you and sorry for inconvenience!

  3. TK. says:

    When playing Glasses it will not credit me any score over 500. ???

    • pozirk says:

      Hey TK,
      You can see your points in the end of the game, including bonus points.
      If you believe your score is wrong, contact me using Support page.
      Thank you

  4. pozirk says:

    UPDATE 1.5.7: Bug fixes and game speed optimizations.

  5. mj43 says:

    Igor, all of a sudden all my scores have been erased, again.
    And I didn’t clean any browser history…
    When I signed on to the page, it acted like it was my first visit, and is giving me instructions as to how to play each game,
    and I had to choose style of cards and background again. So I don’t know my top scores, again.
    Also, the lists on the leader pages are sort of out of focus,
    and the sound effects are different — I don’t want a loud scrape every time I move a card, but if I turn off the sound completely,
    I don’t get that end-of-the-game sound either.

    • pozirk says:

      Dear mj43,
      Big tech companies slowly killing Flash Player and I have to move all my games to new technology.
      Unfortunately, all your settings and records can’t be transferred,
      because new and old versions are not compatible.
      Anyway, you can play old version with all your records here: https://www.pozirk.com/all-peaks-solitaire-flash-game/
      Keep in mind, that browsers may stop supporting Flash anytime (most likely in 2020) and old games will stop working.
      Sorry for inconvenience.

  6. pozirk says:

    UPDATE 1.5.3: Flash player is no longer required to play All-Peaks Solitaire.

  7. Donna J says:

    I just got my computer from Geek Squad and I need a reminder of the rules.
    Maybe they are somewhere I just have not found.
    I do remember it was fun, just can’t remember how to have that fun. Help!

    • pozirk says:

      Dear Donna J,
      Simply click “Help” button (“?” in circle) at the bottom right corner in the main menu,
      in order to read game instructions.
      Have fun! 🙂

  8. Martha Stites says:

    By the way, what is “Bettle”?

  9. Martha Stites says:

    Good new games, Igor. But for some reason, all my previous game scores were erased and I’m having to begin over again.
    That is, the high scores I accumulated on previous games, which show to me when I click on a game icon.
    My previous scores do appear on the one-day, one-week, one-month, and forever lists for each game.
    This has happened twice this week, for some reason.

    Not a big deal, but annoying.

    • pozirk says:

      Hey Martha,
      I’m sorry for inconvenience.
      All your personal records are stored on your computer and can be erased, if you clean your browser history for example.
      There might be some other reasons for records’ erase, I’m not aware of.
      On the other side, Leaderboard’s records are stored on server and thus can’t be erased that easy.

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