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Find The Pair

Find Pairs Find The Pair is a simple and fun game where you have to find 2 identical pictures
in order to move to next level.

7 comments to “Find The Pair”

  1. heraldsbane says:

    when i tried to screen shot just now on round 6 the thing it put up was my highest score level 82.
    apparently it won’t take a shot of the screen you lost on.

  2. heraldsbane says:

    Just now round 14 no match. I have made it to round 82 at one point but the no match rounds are showing up earlier all the time.
    If I knew how to do a screen shot in less than 20 seconds I would. Why would I lie to you?

    • pozirk says:

      No one telling here that you are lying.
      If you can’t see the pair, I need to see a screenshot of that.
      Thank you!

  3. heraldsbane says:

    It just happened again, round 9, there was not a pair in the 8 pictures. this sucks.

    • pozirk says:

      I’ve just made it to Round 43 with my eyes closed. 😎
      So, if you have no pair, make a screenshot and send it to me next time.
      Thank you!

      Find Pairs

  4. heraldsbane says:

    this game cheats, some times there is no pair and there is no way to win because you can’t see what you missed when you lose.

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