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Jigsaw Puzzle Deluxe

Jigsaw Puzzle Deluxe A jigsaw puzzle is a tiling puzzle that requires the assembly of often oddly shaped interlocking and tessellating pieces.
Each piece usually has a small part of a picture on it; when complete, a jigsaw puzzle produces a complete picture.
Typical images found on jigsaw puzzles include scenes from nature, buildings, and repetitive designs.
Castles and mountains are two traditional subjects. However, any kind of picture can be used to make a jigsaw puzzle

5 comments to “Jigsaw Puzzle Deluxe”

  1. heraldsbane says:

    No score keeping like the original game. that sucks.

  2. pozirk says:

    The problem to move pieces in Firefox browser is fixed now.
    Enjoy! 🙂

  3. heraldsbane says:

    Not happy, my mouse doesn’t lock onto the pieces when I click on them. What a disappointment.

    • pozirk says:

      Hey heraldsbane,
      The problem seems to be only in Firefox browser.
      I will contact developer about that, meanwhile you can try playing in different browser or in fullscreen mode.
      Thank you!

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