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Rummy Rummy is a card game where the aim is to put all your cards into combination before your opponents.
When the game starts, each player receives once all cards are dealed to all the players,
the remaining cards are placed face down on the table, forming the stock.the top card is turned upward in the waste pile.

24 comments to “Rummy”

  1. pozirk says:

    After some considerations, I’ve made it that you should go through the pile twice in total before game ends.
    I think it makes more sense.

  2. mikearcher says:

    I noticed you were playing four players. Could there be a glitch in the two person computer game?
    In my game, when the pile runs out, it starts over with the existing waste pile.

    • pozirk says:

      I don’t know where you see 4 players.
      It is clearly stated on the screenshot PLAYER 1 and PLAYER 2 only.
      You are playing the old version of the game.
      You should clear the cache of your browser PROPERLY and reload the page.

  3. mikearcher says:

    Nope, not fixed yet. Cleared cache, rebooted.

  4. mikearcher says:

    This is getting really frustrating. I have played three games in a row where there were no available plays on the rummy piles,
    and the deck just keeps going. PLEASE fix this.

    • pozirk says:

      This problems should be already fixed.
      Please clear the cache of you browser and reload the page to load new version of the game.

  5. mikearcher says:

    When both players have cards left, but there is no pile to add to, the program does not know how to quit,
    it just keeps re-shuffling cards. The only way is to quit the game and restart.
    Can you program in a draw, and automatically start over?

  6. KMK says:

    I read through your rules and cannot see where the scoring is being used for the computer.
    It certainly isn’t scoring correctly for the human player.
    Or, it is possible that the explanation of scoring is not thorough or even correct.

  7. Nellie says:

    When do the other players play? Nothing seems to happen

  8. e farner says:

    fixed rummy on my PC thanks!!

  9. pozirk says:

    UPDATE: Fixed problem with score.
    Please make sure to clear the cache of your browser to load new version.
    Enjoy! 🙂

  10. e farner says:

    update. 2/15 still not keeping score on rummy

  11. e farner says:

    rummy NOT keeping score has NaN

  12. pozirk says:

    UPDATE: Fixed problem with the endless loop.

  13. Leona says:

    In Rummy if both player have 1 card left and all plays have been made on the board that are possible,
    the game is in an endless loop, replaying the draw pile.

  14. heraldsbane says:

    Graphics are horrible. much the same problem as the new bouncing balls.
    I have never played rummy on line before and I won’t now because it will be way too much work to puzzle out the cards.

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