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Staries Staries or Starries. 🙂
Destroy stars by creating groups of 3.
In this game there are some stars of different colors.
You need to move the stars so that 3 or more stars of the same color are connected and then they will be destroyed.
You must destroy stars as quickly as possible otherwise the stars will be locked and cannot be moved.

44 comments to “Staries”

  1. seanoral says:

    Wow. 19815. I guess it pays to be sleepless. 🙂

  2. Joey says:

    Stuck on 10!

  3. seanoral says:


  4. seanoral says:


  5. seanoral says:


  6. seanoral says:


  7. seanoral says:


  8. Clare says:

    Just got to number 12. I quit, I’ll never do it again.

  9. seanoral says:

    I got to Level 9, score: 13,235

  10. seanoral@yahoo.com says:

    Yay! I just reached Level9!

  11. giggles says:

    Finally finished 9,now stuck on 10.

  12. brenda says:

    This game is soooo addictive! I’ve gotten to Level 8. I wonder how many there are?

  13. brenda says:

    Level 8.Barely.

  14. seanoral says:

    I’m still trying to get past level3!

  15. giggles says:

    I love this game but I don’t know why since I am so terrible at it. Can’t get past level 7.

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